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Throughout our 15 year relationship, we have been well represented by John Brennan and team. John has always ensured that our building is maintained to the high standards we expect while handling any and all challenges with great professionalism and dedication. Mourier Land Investment Corp. (MLIC) is pleased to recommend Brennan Properties to any and all whose services they might require.  


Eric Avery



These are some thoughts to help prospective clients understand why we have essentially consolidated all of our property management with Brennan Properties.  First, unlike other third party managers we have used in the past, your company operates as an extension of our own, with consistent values and professionalism.  Second, as you know, timely and accurate reporting and accounting is absolutely critical to our ability to understand how our assets are performing and report to our investors with confidence. Our asset management staff and our accounting team is demanding but consistently complimentary of the quality of your accounting services.  Third, when issues arise at projects, we are always able to work together as a team to address them. You always seems to make time for whatever the issues of the day may be, and we are confident that you will follow through as necessary.


Michael Diepenbrock




2870 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 110

Sacramento, CA  95833

Tel: 916-569-1900

Fax: 916-569-1911

Office:  916-569-1900

Fax:  916-569-1911

Company Headquarters


Brennan Properties is a one of the premier commercial real estate services company in Northern California with three decades of experience in the management and development of office and industrial properties. We re-branded in 2017 under the name Brennan Properties after 27 years operating as BTV Management partnered with our principal equity investor BTV Group. While BTV provided the initial equity to grow the Company, in recent years we have expanded our equity investor network for development and investment services and continued to grow our management services to our current 1,850,000 square feet portfolio of office and industrial properties managed.  Our focus is on maximizing clients’ returns on their commercial properties and building long standing relationships with those clients.

What We Do

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