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Owner Communication

Our monthly report package is designed to provide our clients with a concise, relevant summary of the operating performance of their real estate asset as well as current information related to the tenants, the building systems performance, lender communications, and any long term strategic planning issues.  We regularly meet with clients to discuss their property and to address any of their concerns.


Tenant Relations

Brennan Properties’ primary objective in managing properties is to retain tenants for our clients’ benefit because this typically leads to the highest return on the Owner’s investment. Our experience is that one of the most important tenant retention factors is being highly responsive to tenants’ needs.  We manage our properties with building engineers, day porters and trusted vendors (mechanical, fire/life safety, roofers) to respond as quickly as possible to maintenance requirements, particularly those that are emergencies such as water leaks, electrical problems, and fire alarm issues.  


Property Accounting and Reporting

Our clients are extremely satisfied with the professional manner in which Brennan Properties handles their property accounting and operating reports, CAM reconciliations, and annual budgets. Accuracy and timeliness of reporting are of paramount importance in our accounting processes.  Our accounting staff have worked together at the Company since 2002 which provides our clients with excellent continuity and stable oversight of their financial results.  


Facility Maintenance

Brennan Properties establishes regular maintenance schedules for properties under management to ensure the longevity of the building systems equipment (electrical, mechanical, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, roof). Proper maintenance is vital to the retention of tenants and to the overall value of the property going forward.  Brennan Properties teams with its third party engineering partner to reduce operating expenses while improving the performance of our buildings. Ten year capital expenditure budgets are prepared by our building engineers in order to provide the clients with predictable long term planning for capital improvements.


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